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    Reviews on 'Twilight Scrawls'

    "Kirstin Maguire delivers a can’t miss poetic experience in Twilight Scrawls as she explores the meaning of life and consciousness through poetry. It is a compilation of poems inspired by various schools of thought and the principles of those disciplines which spring from a place of "curiosity". A thought provoking book, that aims at creating greater awareness to the times we live in, and compels the reader to reexamine the ambiguity of the same."

    Betty Anne, Associate Editor, Spillwords Press

    "Kirstin Maguire's new poetry collection is the chocolate box gift for the soul who's seeking answers. Observing the simplicity of nature contrasted with the complexity of modern living, Kirstin's varied poetic style references seamlessly eastern and western philosophy. Twilight Scrawls left me smiling, wondering and clawing for enlightenment and progress. Each poem dances to its own beat, rhythm and rhyme, emulating the vivid personality of this talented poet."

    Ria Morrell, Blogger & Writer of Ria's Book Look

    Check out more at http://riamorrell.wixsite.com/riamorrell/book-look

    Insta: Riasbooklook Twitter: @Riasbooklook

    "...The book was written over a seven year period while the poet was working on other books. Perhaps partly as a result of this the poems here vary in style. Although many of the poems are in free verse, the poet sometimes uses metre and end line rhyme to great effect...Some of the best poems, with their effective use of repetition and straightforward rhymes cry out to be made into songs..."

    Check out more at http://craftygreenpoet.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/twilight-scrawls-by-kirstin-maguire.html

    Twitter: @craftygreenpoet Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/482729653797774747/


    “Twilight Scrawls is an impressive collection of well-written verse in which the poet explores central ideas about living, aging and dying – that inevitable cycle we are all involved in despite transcendental belief... (The) essences of this book : Simplicity, philosophy, religion, inspiration, troublesome life, transcendental creativity, and death (or life)... I think the author could do well to change the title of his collection because “scrawls” really doesn’t do credit to the overall thoughtfulness and skill of so many of these poems, their exploration of so many profound ideas... if there are readers out there interested in modern poetry that embraces literary cross-referencing, Zen, Buddha, alchemy, Japanese art, Hinduism, Christian philosophy, and more! then “Twilight NON Scrawls” is for you!"

    Jonathan Finch, Writer & Reviewer

    Check out more at https://niume.com/post/313020

    " 5 Star Review... One of the brighter books of poetry out there. Structured much in the way of Shel Silverstein, most of the poems have powerful messages. Like any poem, each Twilight Scrawl contains heavy metaphors. The author does well to mix up the imagery and the subjects without going overboard. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone write an Ode to William Blake before, so many points in creativity. Instead of focusing on emotions only, most of the poems tell a complete story...There are some Poe and Shakespeare vibes in the arrangements. All in all, a nice, relaxing book of a poems. They varied in subject matter, structure, and imagery. Feels very traditional, but that’s not a bad thing in this area. Definitely worth the time to read."

    Lori Lynn, Blogger & Critic

    Check out more at https://hyrumseries.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/twilight-scrawls-by-kirstin-maguire/

    Reviews on 'Sketch A Day Poetry'

    On the poetry:

    "Sketch A Day brings together both the conscious and unconscious sentiment associated with 2015 that everyone can relate to. It's emotive, honest and beautifully celebrates our insecurities in this modern world. It's art in the best form possible."

    - Olivia Cappuccini, Director, Scenes of Reason

    On the art:

    "I love Jane Moore's art - from her exquisitely detailed nature studies to her quirky animal characters and beautiful still-life work, each piece captivates. The Sketch A Day project is not only 365 little stories but all together interlocks into a wonderful year long narrative of an artist and her thoughts and inspirations."

    - Gail Walker, Editor, Belfast Telegraph

    On the poetry & art combined:

    "Artist Jane Moore sprang to fame on the contemporary art scene with her breathtaking Sketch A Day exhibition, which encapsulated the ideas and imaginings of a bright young artistic star making her mark. Taking the Sketch A Day concept to another dimension, Jane has worked in conjunction with poet Kirstin Maguire to create Sketch A Day Poetry, a unique combination of thought provoking prose alongside beguiling imagery. It is all too rare to see artistic collaborations of this kind and Jane and Kirstin are to be congratulated on creating a new artistic genre."

    - Simon Tarrant, Artist and Art Curator

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