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We're going to War

Credit: Jane Moore Art

Sample from the Sketch A Day Poetry Book

Artwork & Poem are from the Sketch A Day Poetry Book available at the store

It was always a foregone conclusion,
They’d announce we’re going to war.
Though the pale rhetoric of illusion,
Made it seem that little less raw.

The caveats and mandates deny learning of history,
Gravediggers of the innocent see it’s hollow victory.


And it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you’re calling out to a world
That sees peace as unruly defiance and have only ever hurled
The weapons and the rifles in the name of rightful progress,
Pockets bulging with profits, while we’re only bound to regress.


So hide behind the walls that you’ve built that little bit higher,
We already know the consequence, the world is setting on fire.
But keep the minions fighting, numb them out and split them up,
A drip-fed, zoned-out public is far easier to hype up.

And when our soul is sold I hope the money buys it back,
And in the deepest mire I hope light ventures a crack.
Are these bombs so knee-jerk or is that the public face?
Can you dispatch diplomacy from your Military Base? 
The questions are unanswered but form an orderly queue 
To pay respects to the lives of many at the hands of few.

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