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Twilight Scrawls is officially in Production

Behind the Scenes

Introduction to the wonderful world of this book

A couple of weeks ago, I excitedly took to social media to announce that Alba Publishing will be releasing my new book Twilight Scrawls, in Summer 2017.

Since then, we’ve been busy behind the scenes, putting the final touches on the design before it hits the printing line.

Thanks to the wonders Jada (Lilith Design), Illustrator Liam (Two Headed Boy) & Kim (Alba Publishing) Twilight Scrawls will soon be ready to roll and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

Now the time has come, it feels particularly special and strange to part with this book because a part of me doesn’t actually believe I’ll ever be fully finished with it.

I set out to write Twilight Scrawls in my mid-twenties, about seven years ago. It was my first formal writing project. At the time, I ambitiously imagined it would probably take a few months and that it would be my debut poetry collection.

Oh okay then, if we’re being really honest, I gave up Facebook for Lent that year, and was fully anticipating that making that sort of sacrifice meant it was pretty much a dead cert I’d have Twilight Scrawls written by Easter.

It turns out this is the kinda let-down that’s inevitable when you’re in your mid-twenties and hear the rumour that Jack Kerouac knocking out On The Road in a few weeks.

Over the years since, I’ve built up what I can only call a relationship with Twilight Scrawls. And we’ve had our ups and downs too. There were times when I was completely obsessed with it, sitting up through the dark hours with it exploring ideas. Other times, I’d feel totally done with it, and there were months at a time where the words 'Twilight' & 'Scrawls' were nothing more than a couple of words gathering cyberdust on the desktop, and perhaps the odd pang of guilt when I logged in.

But there was always something that brought me back to it, Sometimes, it would come out of the blue, and a bit like coming home after a long while away, I’d suddenly find myself back, realising I should have spent more time there. Paying it a visit and promising to return for some proper time together later on down the line. Other times, smack bang in the midst of other projects, I’d have a Godfather III moment, (always controversial), and out of nowhere, bam, it would pull me back in.

So, here we are, seven years, two poetry collections, four homes, and a few lost nights later.

Twilight Scrawls; the collection I now lovingly refer to as the Trigger’s brooms of books because it’s had so many versions over the years …. officially in production and very ... nearly ... ready.

Between now and the Launch in the Summer, I’ll be writing a series of blogposts - updates, latest news and the background on this little bad boy.

Thank you so much for your support,

Big love as always,

Kirstin x

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