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Twilight Scrawls: A Description of the Book

Behind the Scenes

Hey folks, in my last post we celebrated the upcoming release of Twilight Scrawls and shared a general introduction to its wonderful world. In this post, we explore the book itself, in more depth.

Cover page text reads:

Twilight Scrawls is a collection of philosophy-based poems. Integrating central principles from a range of beliefs, wisdoms, arts and sciences, from east and west, ancient and new, it examines some of our key collective thinking from different perspectives.

Observing the fundamentals of what it means to be human, it explores the ultimate nature of consciousness.

Comprised of three sections, the book begins ‘at sunrise’, and works through the course of a day, (and perhaps a lifetime) to ‘sunset’, then on into the ‘night’. The individual poems grow darker accordingly.

Altogether, this collection is an honest and celebratory response to the world views that connect us and their related possibilities.

In these interesting times we live in, there are uncertainties, growth, change, excess, beauty, freedom, fear, humanity, injustice and consequently; seeming paradoxes. Increasingly influenced by a myriad of cultures, schools of thought and disciplines, we live in a constantly evolving society, and within it, we too, are constantly changing. But how does this affect the spirit of a global nation?

In a conflicted time, where both individualism and collectivism, although contradictory, are at the fore, a wonderful opportunity is emerging for integrating and expanding our world views. Sciences, literature, the arts, popular culture, the classics, western and eastern philosophy appear to be aligning with a clarity rarely seen before, and we have unprecedented access to all of this information. All of these factors combined, are pointing in one direction - Awareness.

In a variety of ways, we are avidly encouraged to become more actively engaged with the world we live in and to be grounded within it. Yet, so many of us feel displaced.

Essentially, a big part of writing Twilight Scrawls was around finding meaning and that’s what it’s really about. This collection, although by no means exhaustive or entirely representative, aims to explore consciousness by bringing together poems that have been influenced by the philosophical thinking of a number of schools of thought. Using and revisiting central principles from across a number of disciplines, it examines some of our key collective thinking from a range of perspectives, with a view to highlighting the synchronicity in them. It neither claims to be expert in any distinct field, nor wholly resolute about any particular avenue of thought, but comes from a place of curiosity; it’s here we are most likely to be open.

I was spurred into finally completing this collection because, now, more than ever, we’re seeing a kind of crisis; a crisis in consciousness. We need a radical change; a transformation of mind. We need to know, in a very real way, that our environment reflects our mind; both as individuals and collectively. That we are born out of this world, not into it. While we continue to aim to correct things that are external to us without observing ourselves, and seeing the innate connection between the two, we’re bound for repetition. We also need to know, again in a very real sense, the deep things that unite us. The synchronicity and distinguishing features in world views that add up to a far more interesting, nuanced, rounded whole.

Its title is aimed at the dualistic meaning of ‘twilight’ as both the sun below the horizon and as a period of ambiguity. This speaks to the nature of our time. The ‘scrawls’ are a brief insight of that time. Within which, there is much potential.

Thanks for reading,

Looking forward to you seeing it in June

Kirstin x

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