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It's here!

I'm delighted to let you know my brand spanking new poetry chapbook Poetry Press: This Was 2016 is now out on general release.

Thank you to all who pre-ordered

I've been blown away by the amount of people who pre-ordered the chapbook. So surprised in fact, there were some last minute calls upping the print run. I really can't thank everyone who bought it already enough. The pre-orders are all dispatched now in time for christmas. The good news is the book is now available to buy on general release over at the shop.

What makes a chapbook different to a regular poetry collection?

I'll keep this short as I could talk about it all day, and you'll be thinking "reign it in now". But here's the Match of the Day style highlights:

- A chapbook is an affordable, small collection of poetry. Generally between 25-50 pages, often centred on a specific theme. It’s typically stapled or saddle-stitched (like a pamphlet or magazine) as a limited run

- Most attribute the word’s popularity to the chapman who was a European peddler, reporter, and rogue-of-all-trades. Since the Middle Ages, the chapman was a vital link between the rural towns and hamlets of the European countryside and the rest of the world. They brought every manner of household necessity in their packs to people, including reportage

- Through their affordable wares, specifically small poetry collections (chapbooks), the chapmen were key in ensuring wider accessibility to poetry and literature for the population at large

- The original chapbook's popularity diminished with changes to publishing laws, the emergence of newspapers and increasingly popularity of the novel

- Gloriously revitalized by the Dadaists, Beat Poets and Russian avant-garde artists, modern chapbooks ensured poets and artists could make their art and messages more widely heard. The Beats in particular used mimeograph machines and the cheapest paper and cardstock available to publish their work, and aren’t we lucky they did

- There’s a DIY ethic that’s popular in chapbooks, much like with modern zines. Many chapbooks are still handmade or locally-made, often stapled, silkscreened or hand-bound. You can see where they have been stapled together with love. Often issued in limited runs and signed for collectors and devotees. This has led to a lively trade in modern collectable chapbooks, appreciated by readers of every class - something the chapmen, peddling their wares through the English countryside would have thought very unlikely all those centuries ago

Poetry Press: This Was 2016 is available in 2 formats

1) A5 collectors item - Limited run collectors edition. Traditional chapbook style, featuring an extended Introduction and Summary (£5.00 inc. p&p)
2 A4 accessible style - Basic pamphlet layout and large accessible print (£3.50 inc. p&p)

Okay, okay sold. Where do we purchase this beast?

Look no further than the shop on this very site -

Much love x

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