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Brand new chapbook coming soon

Pre-order for my new chapbook available now

Hello lovely people,

Just thought I'd drop a line as I'm excited to let you know I'll be releasing my second poetry collection next month, just in time for Christmas. It's a current affairs based poetry chapbook for all things 2016 and what an eventful year it's proved to be.

It occurred to me recently that when catching up on our favourite TV shows, there's often a "previously on..." segment. Yet, when it comes to real life; to current affairs and the news, there’s no such facility. Consider this poetry chapbook your "previously on" feature for real life events in 2016.

Bringing together the highlights of events that moved us, the news items that sparked our debates, and the ideas we gained, this collection is a little memento of our joined experiences of the particularly turbulent year that was 2016.

A chapbook is a small collection of poetry, under 50 pages, often centred on a specific theme. It was important to me to write one because of the chapbook's rich history in poetry. From the chapmen of the middle ages peddling their wares to its revival by the Dadaists and Beat Poets.

This genre was responsible for some incredible works of the past; not least that of none other than William Blake's collections 'Songs of Innocence' & 'Songs of Experience' and Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl'. (Now that's big talk!)

The chapbook is celebrated here in a memento to the year that was 2016. After all, it's by remembering our past that we create our future.

Poetry Press: This Was 2016 is £5 including p&p and is available for pre-order over at the shop

X x

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