On Sunday, Kim Richardson (Director of Alba Publishing) and I had the absolute pleasure of launching my new book 'Twilight Scrawls' into the big wide world.

This collection is all about stripping things back; cutting through the white noise to the things that really matter: From life through a lens to exploring the essence of our experience. To keep true to this, the Launch had no official promotion beforehand. Taking place at a secret location, it solely depended on word of mouth with friends and their networks.

In a time when we are increasingly conscious of documenting and sharing our experiences, I wanted the night to take a turn from that. It was all about sharing the evening together not documenting it. About friends, not filming. So it was an underground event with no press and no official photography or film.

But just as a taster, here's a couple of photos people took on the night

Reunited after 14 years, the ladies from my childhood Drama class, (from left) Maryann O'Brien, Lucy Broadfoot, myself and Annie Kalinauckas. We made our acting debuts together back in the day. Was so great to see them again!

A wee pic caught by my bestie Sophia Joseph for Kim at Alba Publishing

And the one and only Cassie Bennitt, who made it to the Launch before aceing her motorbike driving test the following morning. Winner!

I'm genuinely blown away by the attendance on the night and the atmosphere they created. People are amazing and I'm privileged to know so many brilliant souls and to have met new friends on the night. The venue was rammed with a bright, colourful, wonderful bunch of people; all of whom made it such a special night. Some had travelled miles to be there and it means so much. Special shout out on that front goes to Clayton Lyon, Kev Bolton and Alex Marino who really went out of their way to make it. Top prize goes to Steve McNally who hopped off the plane from Lisbon and came straight to the venue.

We all have mates in bands, or artists, or friends doing creative projects, and I know sometimes it can be a mission to get to events they put on, especially when balancing it with all the things we need to do, but never underestimate the impact it has. It's so huge and it's the reason creative types get to do what we do. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to you all.


A huge thank you to the venue (I can say who they are now.) Found the bar in Shoreditch ( who made it such a great night and let us completely take over the venue. We felt right at home amidst the beautiful surroundings and brilliant cocktails. Oskar at Found couldn't have done more. To see our beautiful city London, with venues promoting creativity, community and laughter is an absolute blessing. I can't recommend this place enough. It's mine and Kim's regular haunt and is now referred to as Alba Publishing's London office. So we knew in the run-up to the night, when it came to a venue, it could only be this one.

Make sure to get down there soon. If you fancy more poetry in these surroundings, Found also host a monthly poetry night, curated by Christian Foley, (@JustMuzMusic) which is well worth checking out. Swing by Found's facebook page for more details.

Twilight Scrawls is now on general release

Now, that we have launched it, 'Twilight Scrawls' is on general release and available to buy here - As a collection of philosophy-based poems, it integrates central principles from a range of wisdoms, arts & sciences, from east & west, and examines some of our key collective thinking from different perspectives. It's an honest and celebratory response to the world views that connect us & their related possibilities. Check out what the Critics are saying about it here -

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who came and made it such a special night and thanks to all those supporting the creative people they know. If you missed the Launch, I'll be doing readings in the coming months. Now energised with the incredible support, I'm getting straight down to work now for my next piece; a modern epic poem under the working title 'The Epic of Anthropia'. It's my first book length piece and will be based on the migrant crisis. But more on that later...

For now, a huge thank you and big bundles of love to you all x x x

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