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A Final Note on 2016

New Years Eve

Tonight, we say goodbye to 2016. A year that seemed, for most, particularly complex and at times, challenging.

Our national and international context seemed to crash from one crisis to another this year. There were several times we looked on in bewilderment and felt more than a little lost. We saw more polarised views than we may have imagined in a long time, and we lost a huge amount of heroes. Many people also seemed to have all sorts of personal challenges thrown their way. For my own part, there were events that happened, that I had long feared. Yet now realised, they really weren't so bad. Despite its difficulties, what I'll take from this year is a big lesson about the things we need as opposed to the things we tell ourselves we need, and the chasm between.

With that in mind, 2017 is now calling and pretty soon, will be asking us to step in.

'We all make active decisions about the role we play in the world we live in and each has a value. I'm inclined to say let's keep talking, keep thinking, keep reading, keep creating, keep sharing, keep questioning and keep going.

2016 now joins the many years that make up our history, and if there's one thing that history tells us time and time again, it's that we are inherently connected the world over and nothing was ever changed by remaining silent. In short, as Ubuntu philosophy asserts "I am because we all are" or "a person is a person through other persons."

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Now, let's go create and share some more, each in our own way.'

*Extract from Summing Up in my recent chapbook Poetry Press: This Was 2016, (available at the store)

Much love,


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